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My Services


It matters to me that my clients have a satisfactory experience and the best possible outcome. You are assured of professional therapeutic care from an accredited, experienced therapist, bringing to you the benefit of quality training and years of clinical experience.

Looking for the right therapist?

Your mental & emotional health really matters. It has an effect on your physical health and your quality of life. If you are experiencing any kind of upset- in the form of depression, anxiety or stress, going through a personal crisis, a relationship breakup or adjusting to the death of a loved one, it might be time to come and talk.  You can say whatever is on your mind.

Some people arrive to me having spoken to their GP first and have been signposted on. A relative or friend might suggest that you make a counselling appointment if they know you are having a hard time or you may simply decide yourself. Rest assured, whatever route takes you to my counselling room, you will be met with good care. 

Over the years, I have provided a safe listening space and helped many people at a time in their lives when they were challenged by circumstances, and by difficult thoughts and painful experiences.

Are you a Student Counsellor or working in practice?

If you are thinking about or already signed up to a Counselling or Psychotherapy training, I am available as a personal therapist. I am also available if you are a working therapist and would like to do some work on personal issues. 

I have been accredited with IACP since 2005 and have completed a wide range of clinical trainings including attachment dynamics, couple work, supervision models and recovery support for mental health.


My style is to foster a strong collaborative relationship and being a therapeutic practitioner across a variety of environments since 2005, I can offer a strong skillset and an extensive knowledge of different theoretical models.

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