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Support your mental health

  • Professional therapeutic care from a highly experienced therapist, bringing to you the benefit of quality training and years of clinical experience.

  • Appointments at 30 Abbey Street, Ennis

  • tel 087 4118003

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Clare Flynn, Psychotherapist 

Adult Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinic

30 Abbey Street,  Ennis

Tel.087 4118003

It matters to me that  my clients have a satisfactory experience and the best possible outcome. You are assured of professional therapeutic care in a relaxed and confidential setting.



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“I felt ashamed that I couldn’t get on top of my problems and sort myself out. After feeling like this for far too long, I finally decided to make an appointment. I met Clare for eight sessions and I can honestly say that I was surprised at how quickly things improved for me. Looking back, I wish I had gone sooner. I’m really glad that I have learned to value my mental health.”  

J. M.

“Anyone would think my life was fine. But inside I wasn’t happy. I had a very negative way of thinking about myself and the world which used to get me down. My wife suggested that I try Counselling. I’m glad I did because Clare helped me to see these negative thoughts for what they are and to find ways to boost my mood and worry less.”

S. O'R.

“I completed a degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy in 2018 and I highly recommend Clare as a very competent and caring therapist. I appreciated the experience of a flexible, dynamic collaboration which respected and nurtured  my process of  personal development.”

D. H .

Contact me to book

an appointment

Address 30 Abbey Street, Ennis, Co.Clare


Phone on 087 - 411 8003

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

9.30am - 5.oopm



Fees €70 per session

Reduced fees negotiable 

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